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Online Billing Software

Web Base Billing Softwre
* CRM (Add, List, Group)
* Transaction (New Deposit, New Expense, Transfer, View
* Transactions, Balance Sheet)
* Sales ( Invoices, New Invoices, New Recurring Invoice, Quotes,
Create New Quote)
* Bank & Cash (New Account, List Accounts, Account Balances)
* Product & Services( Products, New Product, Services, New Service)
* Reports( Account Statement, Income Reports, Expense Reports,
Income VS Expense, Reports by Date, All Income, All Expense, All
* Utilities ( Activity Log, Email Message Log, Database Status, CRON
Log, Integration Code, System Status)
* My Account (Edit Profile, Change Password, Logout)
* Settings (General Settings, Plugins, Localisation, Administrator
Users, Payment Gateways, Expense Categories, Income Categories,
Manage Tags, Payment Methods, Sales Taxes, Email Settings, Email
Templates, Custom Contact Fields, Automation Settings, API Access,
Choose Features, About Product)

School College Management Software

Online Base
1) Multi User Account System
2) Responsive User Interface
3) Regular free updates
4) Developer Supplrt Ready
5) Codigniter Framework
6) RTL Support
7) Multiple Language Support
8) Easy Customization
8) Student fees Management
9) Parent Monitor Child Activity
10) Parent Monitor Child Activity
11) Home Work Document
12) Class Routine Schedule
13) Profile System
14)Exam Marks Management
15) Chart & Graph Analysis Exam Marks
16) Library management
17) Dormitory Management
18) Transport Management
19) Daily Attendance Internal Messaging
20) Best quality at lowest price
21) Database Backup, Restore Capability
22) Class Sections
23) Multiple Child of Single Parent
24) SMS Gateway Integration
25) Accounting Data Sheet
26) Multiple Themes
27) Manual And Online Payment Gateway

Hospital Management Software

>Multi-user account system
>responsive user interface
>regular free updates
>developer support ready
>codeigniter framework
>RTL support
>Mulit Language support
>Easy customization
>Monitoring of whole hospital
>All user account management
>Noticeboard schedule
>Appointment management
>Profile system
>Appointment schedule
>SMS Notice
>Appointment filtering
>Prescription and diagnosis reports
>Medical report
>Medication history
>Appointment application
>Bed allotment and blood bank management
>Medicine Management
>Invoice Management
>Internal messaging
>Best quality at lowest price
>Highly secured

Online Bus Ticket Management Software(eTicket)

> Manage Route
> Add New Route
> View/Edit Route
> Manage Bus
> Add New Buss Schedule
> View Bus Schedule
> View/Edit Buses
> Buss Ticket Info
> Pending Tickets
> Website Management
> Setting
> Menu Manager

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